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[aabusiness] How To Win More Eyeballs for Your Offers and Websites


A Free-Reprint Article Written by: Bruce Lansing

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How To Win More Eyeballs for Your Offers and Websites

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Most people using search engines on the Internet are looking
for answers to questions and solutions to problems. If you
can give people what the answers they want, you will be able
to position your business as one worth hiring today or

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Written By: Bruce Lansing
Copyright: 2013
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How To Win More Eyeballs for Your Offers and Websites
Copyright (c) 2013 Bruce Lansing
Freelance Writers Review

Most people using search engines on the Internet are looking for
answers to questions and solutions to problems.

For example, just a couple months ago, I was trying to figure out
why my central air unit was leaking water into the house.
Concerned that I would need to hire a professional to come into
my house and do some major repairs to my central air unit, I went
online to figure out if the problem was something I could fix
myself more cheaply.

I found a forum online, where professional heat and air people
hung out and answered questions. Apparently, I was not the only
person to have this question, and plenty of people were there to
advise that there was a really simple solution to this problem.

As it turned out, the advice given was two-fold. First, the
condensation drain might be clogged and leaking. Second, the
actual freon lines might need to be wrapped to prevent further

I climbed under the house, and wrapped all of my freon lines.
Then I found a leak in the condensation drain and fixed it. I
repaired the problem for under $20, and even better, my house
cools better now than it ever has before.

Now, the question you have to ask yourself is this, "Why did I
have to go to a forum to find the solution to this problem?"

Aren't there tens of thousands of Heat and Air companies who are
trying to market themselves online right now?

Now, I can understand why a local might not be interested in
helping people solve this problem, because they would be paying
for bandwidth to help people all around the world. But what about
companies that sell leads to local companies? Why wouldn't they
offer a solution to the public for this particular problem?

One might argue that they should not provide the solution to this
problem, because people like myself were looking to do-it-myself
instead of hire a professional to do it for me.

But, that would be a fallacious argument, because I might have
decided it was too much work to do on my own, thus prompting me
to hire someone to do the job for me.

Further, it could have been an excellent branding opportunity for
someone, because truth-be-told, I have spent over $3,000 on my
central air conditioning system over the last two years.

I hear people complain all of the time that marketing online is
hard and the competition is fierce. Then I see opportunities like
this for companies to step forward and solve problems for future
customers, and no one is willing to "man up" and help prospects
solve these kinds of problems.

Writing Is Difficult and Time-Consuming

As someone who has worked as a professional writer for more than
a decade, I understand that writing is tough, especially for
those folks who haven't done any writing at all since writing a
high school term paper, and they got a "C" on that.

There are two points where one should consider outsourcing their
writing needs to a third-party:

1. You don't feel competent enough to do your own writing;

2. You don't have the time necessary to do your own writing.

Let me give you some insight... I have been creating my own
content for more than a decade, but I still outsource a lot of
writing to other parties, simply because my content needs exceed
the amount of time I have available to create content myself.

Furthermore, when I put a real dollar value on my own time, it is
far cheaper to outsource writing duties to third-party providers.

Finding a Writer Whom You Can Outsource Your Writing Needs

To be honest, there are literally hundreds of places you can go
online to find people who are hanging their "writing" shingle
on their profile.

But, few freelance writers are created equal.

You should try to find writers who write on your topic, people
who seem competent and confident, and folks who are willing to
show you writing samples.

Unless you want to get into a lot of hand-holding, you probably
don't want to hire anyone without a verifiable track-record of
creating content for others. The thing is that a lot of "new
writers" are simply people who thought that writing would be an
easy way to make a few dollars. I have tried hiring these "new
writers" only to find that 90% of the people who would accept
the job would never complete the job.

Another thing to be cautious about is people who call themselves
"SEO writers". You don't want to avoid these folks, but you do
want to be careful hiring someone who primarily advertises
themselves as SEO-competent. The reason being is that there is a
world of difference between writers who know how to create
content that others will want to read and the SEO-writers who
believe that Google is the only reason why we would want to
create original content.

Sure, we do want our content to rank well in Google, but we want
to be absolutely certain that people are going to enjoy reading
our content and that folks will be glad that they took the time
to read the content we provided to them.

Your ideal freelance writer will:

* Be able to follow instructions;

* Be able to build a story worth reading after being shown a
simple idea;

* Be able to meet a deadline;

* Have good spelling and grammar;

* Be able to explain a problem/solution in a manner that people
enjoy reading it;

* Be able to put together a story that people will be thankful
to have read;

* And maybe, but not necessarily, be able to put together the
content in such a way that it will appeal to Google's search
engine algorithms.

When people land on your website after having found one of your
problem/solutions displayed in Google, the last thing you want to
have happen is for that person to look at your website as "one
to avoid" in the future!

This is the reason why the quality of your content matters... You
want people to plant the seed in their mind that you are a
trusted source for information.

Testing That Writer You Want To Hire

When you hire that writer for the first time, give them a small
job of 500 to 2,000 words.

Give them a question and answer as their guidance for a
particular article, or give them a single sentence describing
what you would like the article to say to your readers.

When the writer has completed the task, grab sentence segments
that look like they should be unique (6-8 words), stick them into
quotes and run a Google search. Believe it or not, a lot of
wanna-be writers will try to swipe an existing article written by
someone else to sell to you.

Once you have cleared the content as being original content, then
you should read the content to see if the writer was able to
convey the problem and solution in a clear manner. You will also
be looking for spelling and grammar mistakes. And finally, you
will want to read the article beginning-to-end to make sure that
the information reads and flows well.

A few mistakes might be forgivable if you are willing to pay
another party to do some editing for you. If you don't feel
comfortable looking for spelling and grammar mistakes, you can
usually find an editor to fix what has been written for you. And,
if you hire an editor, that person will be able to give you great
feedback on whether a particular writer is a good match for the
kind of writing you need done.

Opportunity Knocks Often, But You Have To Open The Door

No matter what industry you are involved, there is an excellent
opportunity for you to find more eyeballs for your offers, simply
by answering common questions and offering solutions to common

If you don't know what to write about, ask your staff about some
of the common questions they see customers asking. If you put
just a little bit of effort into it, you will find loads of
opportunities to use content marketing to promote your business

The bottom line is that you can write your own content, or you
could hire someone who lives and breathes writing to create
content on your behalf. If you would like to leave content
creation to the professionals, you can always hire freelance
writers at: http://FreelanceWritersReview.com/ Bruce Lansing
has spent more than a decade teaching writers how to become
even better writers.


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