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[aabusiness] Article Marketing Success Secret: Give Them What They Want


A Free-Reprint Article Written by: Bill Platt

Article Title:
Article Marketing Success Secret: Give Them What They Want

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Article Description:
Some people find great success with article marketing, while
others think its proponents are full of bull. The difference
between the winners and the losers in article marketing is most
frequently defined when the writer sits down and begins to write.
That is right. Success and failure is most often determined by
the writers' motivation, and more importantly, by the writers'
commitment to the reader.

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Written By: Bill Platt
Copyright: 2008-2013
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Article Marketing Success Secret: Give Them What They Want
Copyright (c) 2008-2013 Bill Platt
Writing Puzzle

Some people find great success with article marketing, while
others think its proponents are full of bull. The difference
between the winners and the losers in article marketing is most
frequently defined when the writer sits down and begins to write.
That is right. Success and failure is most often determined by
the writers' motivation, and more importantly, by the writers'
commitment to the reader.

Flawed Strategies

In 2005, a few of the Internet Marketing gurus took notice of the
success people were having with article marketing, and they
passed this news to the Internet Marketing newbies of the world.
But, there was something missing from the advice given.

In a lot of cases, the people preaching the power of article
marketing had never used the technique themselves. Even today,
few of my article distribution competitors utilize reprint
articles to promote their own businesses. Most of my competitors
rely upon affiliate marketing to promote their websites.

Unfortunately, the Internet Marketing newbies of the world were
given a lot of bad advice. It was said that:

* The only purpose of article marketing was to build links, and
link popularity for search engine rankings;

* The writer only needed to write enough words to meet the
minimum word count requirements of publishers;

* It wasn't necessary for the content to be well-written, since
the publishers do not read the articles they approve for

* Anything that can be done to reduce the time/cost of article
writing would benefit the marketer.

The only suggestion that bore any resemblance to the truth was
the first item about "building links for link popularity", but
the error in this statement was to assume that there was no other
purpose for article marketing.

The Bigger Picture

I have been using article marketing to promote my own websites
since 1999, and I have offered article-marketing services
professionally since 2000 and under my current domain since 2001.
I had been using article marketing and providing services for at
least five years, before the gurus started leading the
uninitiated Internet Marketers astray in 2005.

As one of the pioneers in this industry, I have always attributed
three benefits to article marketing, in this order:

1. Publication in a newsletter ensures that thousands, perhaps
hundreds of thousands of readers, can read ones' article when it
is published. (Frequently, publication day for my articles will
generate phone calls from many potential customers and multiple
sales, sometimes thousands in sales.)

2. Publication on a website increases the likelihood that your
article will be found and read on websites that have targeted and
loyal visitors.

3. Building links for link popularity and improved search

I have never denied the ability to use articles to build ones'
link popularity and to increase ones' ranking in the search
engines. In fact, my website ranks in the top 20 results in
Google for hundreds of keywords.

But in my experience, using articles to increase search rankings
is something that is ranked at #3 in my list, because it is a
long-term play. Your ability to rank in Google for specific
keywords is influenced significantly by what your competitors
have done before you. I have used this example many times before,
but if you want to rank for the keyword "travel" against such
websites as: Expedia, Yahoo, Orbitz, The Travel Channel, CNN,
Travelocity, Lonely Planet, USA Today, the New York Times, and
the U.S. Government; then you better bring a huge budget to the

Once the newbie in Internet Marketing is aware of the challenges
of the search rankings game, then the newbie is better prepared
to target and get realistic results from an article marketing

What Newsletter Publishers Require From Their Writers

While it may be true that a few article directory managers do not
review articles before publication, it is not true of all article
directories. Directories such as http://www.EzineArticles.com,
http://www.IdeaMarketers.com, http://www.Website-Articles.net,
http://www.InvisibleMBA.com, http://www.ArticleStars.com,
http://www.ArticleDashboard.com, and http://www.Isnare.com have
editors who personally review each and every article posted to
their directories, to ensure that the articles meet the
directory's editorial guidelines.

And, newsletter publishers personally read and approve every
single article they publish. Why? In order for a publisher to be
able to sell high-dollar advertising, the newsletter must attract
and retain loyal readers. In order to get and keep readers, the
newsletter must "absolutely" publish content that its readers
appreciate receiving and want to read.

Herein lies "the secret to success" in article marketing. Not
only do newsletter publishers read articles, seeking to find the
content that will ensure the loyalty of their readers, the
website publishers who have served loyal audiences for several
years also strive to provide their readers only the best content

Article Spinner Software Stops Short Of Serving The Reader

No matter how well the Content Spinner software sellers may write
their sales copy, one would be a fool to trust computers to write
the kind of articles that people want to read.

Remember, the newsletter publisher and the successful webmaster
are solely focused on finding content that will keep their
readers loyal to them. Also remember that the "link building
game for link popularity" is a long-term play that could take
years to see fruition.

Given this knowledge, why would someone who is truly seeking
success online be willing to trust that the article spinners are
able to develop articles that would pass the "human eye test"
or even the "smell test"?

What The Article Marketing Professionals Have To Say

I know that I have always suggested that one should take into
account what someone is selling, before taking his or her word at
face value. Since I sell ghostwriting services, it is absolutely
in your best interests to take my words with much skepticism.
BUT... I am not the only professional Internet Marketer with this
viewpoint. Following are quotes by people whose names you may

Christopher Knight of Ezine Articles was asked, "How much must I
change or rewrite my article so that your content filters won't
reject it or suspend my account?" Chris responded, "The answer
is all of it. Seriously, don't rewrite your own articles. Just
create new ones. It's not that hard." Chris added that
derivative content adds no value to his website.

Chris McElroy from http://www.ArticleContentProvider.com says,
"Computer-generated articles can never replace hand-written
original content. Just getting articles into article directories
does not help your link popularity, so submitting garbage will
get you nothing in return. Only when your articles are reprinted
in newsletters, ezines, websites, and blogs that are related to
your topic do you get any value from article marketing. Those who
think otherwise don't understand the first thing about article
marketing or SEO."

Allen Taylor, who contributes to the article marketing blog at
http://articlecontentprovider.com/article-marketing-blog/ was
asked to review someone's article spinner software. I am sure
the guy who requested the review is kicking himself in the butt
right now; since Allen proceeded to show his readers exactly how
worthless the software is in the real world.

Allen concluded his review with the following words: "I would
not recommend rewriting your articles. Just write fresh articles
that don't threaten to have problems like the ones noted above.
Really, it doesn't take long to write a 500-word article that
can be used for article marketing or other online marketing
purposes. If you're going to do something, why not do it

Willie Crawford (http://TIMIC.ORG/) is not an article-marketing
professional. Instead, he is a professional marketer, who uses
article marketing to promote the many websites that make up his
online empire. Willie is a seven-figure earner, and yet, he
continues writing new articles whenever he has the time to do so.

Willie said: "I've looked a numerous 'article spinners' and
seen that the output from them was generally so incoherent that
it would have been an insult to my readers."

"I respect my readers and realize that writing is communicating
one human to another. That's why all of the articles that I
publish are unique and not software generated variations of my

Communicating One Human To Another

Those people who have found the greatest success utilizing
article marketing as a promotional tool are those who understand
that article marketing is best-used as a tool to communicate
"one human to another."

At the beginning of this article, I suggested, "Success and
failure is determined by the writers' motivation, and more
importantly, by the writers' commitment to the reader."

Successful newsletter publishers are those who have made a
commitment to keep their readers interested and reading every
issue. Successful webmasters and bloggers are those who have made
a commitment to keeping their readers satisfied and coming back
to their websites frequently. All are looking for article content
that will attract readers to their publications and ensure reader

The successful article marketer is the person who understands his
or her audience and gives his or her audience exactly what they

The article must convince the newsletter publisher that his or
her subscribers will value the message in the article enough to
read the next issue. The article must convince the Webmaster and
Bloggers that the article will keep a reader on his or her
website for a while longer. And finally, the reader must be
thankful for having been given the opportunity to read the

In the end, the decision is yours. Are you simply happy
complaining about what could have, should have been with the
articles you have written. Or, do you want to invest what will be
required to make sure your article marketing campaigns are

At http://WritingPuzzle.com/ you will find more training materials for article
marketers. If you are more interested in writing and publishing books, then
you may find http://ProfessionalBookMarketing.com/ to be your perfect
cup of tea. Bill Platt has been teaching other writers how to create content
that gets the reader's attention and how to promote themselves online, since
early 2001. Subscribe to his mailing list here:


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